Review: Big Dog Raw Food Food

Meal time is one of my favourite times of the day, tied with walk time, family-arriving-home time, play time, rolling-in-something-stinky-time, and treat time. I love the sound of the bowl scraping on the kitchen counter as my breakfast is prepared – really gets my tail wagging in the morning!

My hu-mum has given me lots of different meals over the years, and my favourite (really truly favourite – it doesn’t tie with anything!) is Big Dog. Big Dog is a raw food diet that is 100% natural. It even comes in frozen portions so it’s easy to defrost and serve up! Some of the ingredients include meat, bone, offal, and fruits and vegetables. It’s all raw, so it’s all good! You can read more about Big Dog here [link:].

Not only is Big Dog good for me (and easy for my hu-mum), it’s so delicious that I lick the bowl clean!

Thinking of reviewing your dog’s dietary needs? Come on in and speak to our staff – they’ll discuss dietary options that will cater specifically to your dog’s needs. Remember to tell them Bailey sent you!

Woofs and licks,

Bailey xx