Review: Liver Treats

I really do love treats. My hu-mum has a special tin filled with an assortment of treats – I never know what she’s going to give me, but she manages to choose the perfect one every single time! Liver treats are definitely a favourite, and there are many ways to use these tasty morsels. Liver treats are dehydrated liver; they look like black or dark brown shards. They’re easy to break into smaller pieces for use as training treats. Who doesn’t like to be rewarded with food?

Not only are liver treats good for training, they’re also good for rewarding good behaviour. Liver treats can also be placed inside toys to provide stimulation and exercise, such as the Kong Classic which has a space for treats to be inserted. Because they can be broken into pieces, they are a convenient way of controlling how much your furriend is eating – remember, treats should not replace meals!

Liver treats are also great for a treat scatter. My hu-mum takes small pieces of liver treats and hides them around the house for me to find. This can keep me busy for a while, especially because she doesn’t always use the same hiding places. I like to return the favour by hiding my hu-mum’s socks around the house. She loves it!

We have lots of yummy liver treats in store, as well as toys to complement their use!

Woofs and licks,

Bailey xx