Review: Pig’s Ears (treats)


When I’m a good boy (and I’m a good boy most of the time!) my hu-mum gives me treats. Sometimes she gives me treats when she is going out, presumably so I don’t notice when she’s leaving. My hu-mum can be so silly sometimes, but if it means I get a pig’s ear, I’ll keep quiet!

Pig’s ears are exactly what they sound like – the ear from a pig! It’s dehydrated and preserved, making for a crunchy and delicious treat. Emphasis on treat – I could eat these all day, but then I would get fat. Pig’s ears are a tasty treat, like chocolates for my hu-mum! 

Pig’s ears keep my teeth healthy by removing plaque and food residue, because I have to chew and chew on a pig’s ear until it’s all gone! I’m a medium sized dog (though sometimes at night when I’m sleeping on the bed my hu-mum calls me massive and space-hogging, which I’m pretty sure is hu-mum for “I love you”), and I can make a pig’s ear disappear pretty quickly. They’re not suitable for all types of dogs, especially the very small ones (they’re cute, but we need to protect them from themselves). Check in with our friendly staff when you’re purchasing treats to make sure you’re getting the best kind for your furriend. The pig's ears in our store are 100% Australian and are not treated with any nasty chemicals. 

Woofs and licks,

Bailey xx