Sniffing out the benefits of K9 Nosework™

We are very excited to introduce Trinny, a certified K9 Nosework™ instructor, who will be demonstrating the interesting and stimulating sport in-store on Thursday 9th May, 2019 7:15 - 9pm.

K9 Nosework™ is the latest training activity using your dog’s natural scenting abilities.

K9 Nosework™ was originally established in the USA by 3 professional Detection Dog Handlers after realizing the beneficial effects that it was having on their own detection dogs.

The model for K9 Nosework™ was based on the work that the professionals undertook but was modified so that any dog and any person could participate. They also began work in animal shelters noticing how the fun game of sniffing benefited dogs that were waiting for a forever home, making them more adoptable and better suited to finding a new owner.

K9 Nose work Methodology

In this sport the dog is the centre of the training and it is taught and run at the dog’s pace. It means that even if the dog may not want to come into the room or take a reward for days or weeks the dog is not pushed to perform, the dog that is frantic with enthusiasm is allowed to be themselves and burn off all that pent up crazy energy.

This is unusual because in a lot of other dog sports, it’s the human that is in charge and directs the dog to achieve the desired outcome, or the dog must behave in a certain way and if the dog does not, the owner is inevitably embarrassed or frustrated as they feel like they cannot continue with training.

By teaching at the dog’s pace, you end up with amazing results including dogs that were once shy become more confident, boisterous and over the top dogs calm down and one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects is seeing dogs that are reactive often overcome their reactivity, allowing for a much happier and stronger relationship between owner and dog.

K9 Nosework™ provides independent problem solving in a safe learning environment for both dog and handler.

K9 Nosework™ Is therapeutic

It helps condition dogs to a novel stimulus in a variety of novel environments by using the K9 Nosework™ methodology and by working at the dog’s pace. 

K9 Nosework™

  • Builds confidence.
  • Provides a positive outlet for the most natural of behaviours like hunting, sniffing by utilizing the seeking system.
  • Enrichment for both dog and owner often resulting in a better relationship and even saving some.
  • One of the best aspects is that Anyone, Any Age, Any Breed, Any level of training can participate and learn the sport of K9 Nosework™ ! It is definitely an all inclusive sport.
  • Maintains the dogs physical and mental health and well being.
  • Allows dog to have control of their environment.
  • Stimulates the seeking system, releasing dopamine the feel good drug!

What can you expect?

The object of the game is for the dog to learn to locate a hidden target odour and alert the handler to the exact location in the environment it is hidden. Just like professional detection dogs locate suitcases or mail containing contraband. When the dog is focused on searching both mental and physical needs of the dog are met with in a small amount of time and space.

In Traditional training environments dogs are taught in group classes which can be difficult for some dogs and owners to work through and within. Not in K9 Nosework ™, all dogs are worked 1 dog at a time and at their own pace! This allows for the dogs with normally challenging behavioral issues to be able to focus and learn.

The sport also has competitions where titles can be earnt if that is something the team wish to do. Even the dogs with challenging behavours can enter the competitions as each dog is run separately, kept separately whilst waiting so everyone can have a positive experience.

Within the realm of K9 Nosework ™ and other scenting activities we learn to trust our dogs, read changes of behavior, understand body language and the dogs become our teachers. Thus, forming an even stronger bond between dog and human.

“Because a Nose is a Terrible Thing to waste”!

About Trinny

Trinny Teigan has worked in the animal industry for over 20 years. 17 of those she worked as a Detection Dog Handler with the Federal Government in the Quarantine Detection Dog Unit. During that period, she worked and trained a number of dogs, found thousands of items of Quarantine concern with her detection dogs, some resulting in prosecutions.

Trinny is a Certified K9 Nosework Instructor (CNWI) which she achieved by travelling to the USA, being trained by the founders of K9 Nosework ™. She has also visited the USA on recent occasions to attend further training camps to gain more skills. Trinny is also a certified veterinary nurse,  certified animal behaviour and training, certified detection dog handler,  has many years of experience in training pet dogs from puppy classes & behavioral issues and  now her main focus K9 Nosework ™.  Trinny is owned by 6 dogs, 1 cat, 1 budgie, numerous fish and supported by her very patient husband!