Pets for Sale


Long-haired miniature dachshund

This irresistible miniature long-haired dachshund is seeking his forever family. He is fully vaccinated and healthy and happy. Come in and say hello!


Toy Poodles

These two little chocolate sisters are adorable. Fully vaccinated and ready to delight your heart. 



We currently have two beautiful hand-raised conures, one hand-raised Alexandrine parrot, five peach-faced love birds, and two hand-raised cockatiels who have just weaned. Please contact us for details.

Kittens - regular moggies

These two adorable female kittens have found their forever homes, but we regularly have domestic short hair / domestic long hair kittens in store.  Come in and learn more about these babies.

Kittens - Ragdolls

We currently have three ragdoll kittens. 
Contact us for more details.