Pets for Sale

About our babies

We only work with select breeders who have had an association with our store for many years. We have a long waiting list of people seeking our puppies and kittens and we spend a lot of time with people before they decide to purchase a fur-family member. We don't often have puppies in store and when we do, they go home every night to families who have been carefully chosen to monitor their well-being, assist with early training and socialising, and ensure these babies are loved and cared for. 


Miniature dachshunds

We have five beautiful miniature dachshund girls arriving in the first week of July 2019. (this photo is from a previous litter). 



We regularly have conures, cockatiels, and budgies. It's winter so there are no birds in the shop at the moment, but please come and let us know what you are seeking and we will keep you updated when our babies hatch. 

Kittens - domestic short hair / domestic long hair moggies

These two adorable female kittens have found their forever homes, but we often have domestic short hair / domestic long hair rescue kittens in store.  Come in and learn more about these babies.

Kittens - Ragdolls & Burmese

Our ragdoll and burmese kittens are legendary! 
Contact us for more details.