Coat Fuzzyard 2024 Stevie Sweater Mint

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A sweater is a must-have piece of clothing for everyone, including your pup! That's why we've brought the Stevie Sweater back for 2024. This super soft turtleneck has elastic cuffs, neckline and hem to ensure a good fit and to keep in the warmth.

This lightweight options is perfect for layering under bigger jackets or raincoats for added warmth or rain protection.

Features & benefits:
- Warm turtle neck design
- Harness hole for lead access
- Elastic neckline, sleeve holes and bottom hem for a better fit and to keep in the warmth
- 100% Cotton material
- Available in 3 colours: Pink, Beige & Mint.

The Stevie Sweater is made from 100% cotton material, making it a breathable but warm option for your pet. The elastic neckline, sleeve holes and bottom hem for a better fit to help keep in the warmth.

An added harness hole means they can easily wear their harness underneath.

Available in 7 sizes:
Size 1: 38-39cm (chest), 26-29cm (length), 24-26cm (neck)
Size 2: 44-45cm (chest), 30-33cm (length), 28-30cm (neck)
Size 3: 51-52cm (chest), 35-38.5cm (length), 33-35cm (neck)
Size 4: 59-60cm (chest), 40-41cm (length), 37-39cm (neck)
Size 5: 66-67cm (chest), 45-46.4cm (length), 42-44cm (neck)
Size 6: 76-77cm (chest), 59-62cm (length), 45-47cm (neck)
Size 7: 86-87cm (chest), 69-72cm (length), 50-52cm (neck)