FuzzYard Life Corduroy Cross Body Bag With Poo Bag Dispenser and Treat Pouch

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With ample space for all your items, a removable treat pouch, and an in-built poop bag dispenser, you'll have everything you need when you're out with your pet. Secure zips and velcro ensure all your items are safely contained, and the stylish, woven jacquard strap is adjustable to allow you to achieve the perfect fit. The silky printed lining finishes off the bag with the finesse and detail we put into all of our FuzzYard Life Products.
This considered, minimalist design is available in the full FuzzYard Life colour palette.
'Life' is a mix of trending colour palettes, textures, and textiles, perfect for the discerning pet owner who seeks the finer things in Life, not only for themselves but also for their beloved pets. All the FuzzYard Life materials have been beautifully curated, with the utmost emphasis placed on the feel and aesthetic. This ethos has helped create stunning pieces that fit perfectly within your space whilst providing luxurious comfort your beloved pet will adore.
Features & Benefits

  • Designed in Australia
  • Beautiful soft corduroy fabric
  • Poop bag dispenser on the front
  • Removable treat pouch for easier cleaning
  • Adjustable jacquard woven strap
  • Zippable pocket for personal items

Measurements (Approx.):
Bag: 15cm x 20cm x 5cm
Strap: 88cm - 156cm x 4cm wide