LickiMat Cat Catster

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Introducing the LickiMat Catster - the ultimate dinner party for your feline friend!

Say goodbye to boring meals and hello to a whisker-friendly slow feast extravaganza! This paw-some wonder is not just a dish; it's a culinary adventure for your cat or kitten.

Picture this: a micro dish for those extra fluids, turning every meal into a gourmet delight! Spread your cat's favorite treats on the LickiMat with the flair of a culinary artist, using the back of a spoon or spatula. It's like crafting a masterpiece for your furball!

But wait, there's more! The micro dish lets you add an extra splash of fluid to the mix. Hydration goals, anyone? It's like turning every meal into a juicy fiesta.

Once your cat is the master of the feast, press the food into the LickiMat to up the challenge. And hey, remember to keep it safe – make sure your chosen treats are xylitol-free because, let's face it, we're not looking to surprise our cats with a not-so-tasty treat.

Best for:

  •     Use with raw food, fruit and pureed vegetables
  •     Use as Slow Feeder
  •     Use with bone broth and liquid food
  •     Use for freezing treats

NOTE: Please do not wash this LickiMat in the dishwasher – the rubber may warp during the drying cycle. Hand wash after every use, and dry after washing.

It is essential to supervise your cat when introducing any new food related item.


  • Made from non-toxic food grade TPR (Rubber) which has better tear resistance than silicone.
  • Food safe and is recyclable
  • Whisker-friendly slow feeder with a micro dish for extra fluids
  • Ideal for serving food with additional liquids or oral treatments
  • Suitable for cats and kittens
  • Freezer safe
  • BPA free, No PVC, No Phthalates, No Silicone

Size: 15cm x 15cm